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Senior school

​It is a requirement of senior science subjects to undertake an Extended​ Experimental Investigation (EEI). Harbour Watch is able to offer tailored short term (day visit) or long term (over a term/semester) experiments that provide senior students the opportunity to engage in real life and meaningful investigations. Students are able to complete open-ended, practical research using laboratory and field-based methods to collect primary data. Consultation with Harbour Watch will allow for tailored investigations that fulfil​ individual school's requirements.
In conducting EEIs with Harbour Watch, students will:
  • follow an inquiry-based investigation process
  • formulate research questions, hypotheses and plans for investigation
  • complete risk assessments to analyse and mitigate potential hazards and ensure animal welfare and ethics requirements are met
  • collect, select and organise information from primary and/or secondary sources
  • analyse and interpret information, identifying and explaining relationships, trends and patterns
  • evaluate information to draw conclusions and make decisions and recommendations, including modifications to equipment and procedures.
Senior Secondary (Australian Curriculum v8.2)
Earth and Environmental Science
  • Unit 1: Introduction to Earth systems
  • Unit 2: Earth processes - energy transfers and transformations
  • Unit 3: Living on Earth - extracting, using and managing Earth resources
  • Unit 4: The changing Earth - the cause and impact of Earth hazards
  • Unit 1: Biodiversity and the interconnectedness of life
  • Unit 4: Maintaining the internal environment
  • Unit 2: Molecular interactions and reactions
  • Unit 3: Equilibrium, acids and redox reactions
Marine Science
Aquatic Practices
Science in Practice
Science 21
Earth Science
  • ​Unit 1: Natural and ecological hazards
  • Unit 2: Sustainable places
  • Unit 3: Land cover transformations
  • Unit 4: Global transformations
Study of Society
Social & Community Studies