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Citizen Science Water Quality Project



To increase the knowledge of the general community in relation to the science of monitoring & reporting of waterway health.

Expanding Harbour Watch to include monitoring parts of the broader Gladstone Harbour catchment areas (fresh / estuarine/ marine)


  • Discovery Science:

    • Establish baseline water quality data of waterways within the Gladstone & Boyne / Tannum regions

  • Equipment:

    • High quality / industry standard WQ instruments

    • Easy to use and reliable

    • Routine maintenance and calibration completed by Harbour Watch

  • Sites:

    • Selected waterways around Gladstone & Boyne / Tannum

    • Volunteer availability / interests ; Flexible

  • Method:

    • Spot monitoring

    • Simple and reliable in-field measurement recorded

    • Stored in data logger and logged on data-sheet

    • Results checked and entered into database

    • Results published on international water quality database and publicly accessible on EarthEcho.

    • Results published on Harbour Watch MyWater Portal where raw water sample results are uploaded and interpreted with each of the site indicators being awarded an instantaneous grade from A-E

  • Analysis/Conclusion

    • Citizen scientists to be trained in interpreting results and drawing conclusions.

    • Encouraged to write papers, attend conferences.